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"Drug Dealer Rip Off"

“Putting Paramount network in the premium package is like waving a bag of drugs in front of a junkie. I only watch it when Yellowstone is shown. I do not watch all those crap re-run channels. HBO and the others are crap now days. I have to spend about $100 extra a month for this bullshit. Being soon retired and will be on social security only. $256 a month Is way to much. Being a loyal customer since 2005 should have some weight.on this issue.”

– Matthew B. 

"Tore Up My Yard"

“I live in Hernando, MS. And a subcontractor doing work for your company buried their cable and tore up my yard. They did a throw sod down and leave job. I need to find out who that company is I can have them come back and fix my yard the way it was before they got here.

-Tom F. 

"Customer Security Assurance Disfunction"

“I am a diamond member. I will shortly cancel Comcast after 15 years.
I have spent 5 hours just today attempting to resolve a problems with many disappearing emails. I have talked to 4 level 1 people most with different answers to my disappearing email. Level 2 possibly had the answer as I wait. In this moment I am listening to background music as I wait for level 2 to come on line. Add another two hours of waiting for level 2. I was told I will not receive a call back so I continue to wait.

It is now almost 11 PM to must go to bed. Hanging up and start all over again tomorrow with the case number 044208797 that 4 people have reviewed and scratched their heads.

I will send Comcast to hell shortly. Should the executive office intervene I expect a sizeable credit. Good bye Comcast.for ever.”

– Anthony A. 


“i was told by the agent that Cellular One who was my previous provider had blocked my number so that I could not use their no. and that i did not qualify for the free phones. I paid money for the phones (Galaxy A03s) which i was told was cheaper than the Motorola. I called Cellular One and I was told they don’t block any numbers that customers want to use. I was lied to. I called customer service and they did not resolve my issue.


I have a feeling that this happens all too often at this border town Xfinity. Our Native American people are probably being treated the same way in order to pay for a phone instead of qualifying for the free phones.


NOT HAPPY WITH this company.

-Betty M.

"Did Not Honor Payment Arrangement"

“I made a payment arrangement with an agent and it was NOT honored. I immediately called Comcast when i discovered my account was overdrawn and i was told by a supervisor named Peter that because my current charges were due that’s why the entire amount was taken out. I did not agree to have the whole amount withdrawn from my account. Peter told me there was nothing that could be done and when i asked for a number to discuss the matter with someone who could help he told me there was not body and he refused to over me his full name. he told me that was personal information and he was not going to give me that information. I really would hope someone would reach out to me and rectify this situation. Comcast overdrew my account and then told me they were not going to give it back.”

– W. Haynes


“On May 22, 2022, we returned home after being away for a few days. It was approximately 6:00 in the evening and immediately noticed that our internet and TV serve was down. I called Xfinity and after several minutes I was able to talk to an agent who tried to get my service restored by telephone. After approximately 1 hour we were not able to restore my service and arranged for a tech to visit my home the following day May 23rd.

The tech arrived and was able to get my service restored but was not sure why it failed in the first place. He did replace the main cable box and at first was hesitant to go into the attic to check the main cable connection box or amplifier because of the extreme heat. So in turn I told him that I would go into into the attic myself and check the amplifier myself. He then climbed my ladder and joined me in the attic. He noticed that the amplifier connection was hot and needed to be replaced. But instead of replacing the amplifier, he disconnected all the cables from it and connected them to an older amplifier that was there from prior Comcast cable service. He told me the amplifier was too hot and that I should try to lower it further away from the roof and the heat. At first I could not believe why he could not do that himself but after he left I moved it myself. He restored my cable and internet service but on May 24th at about 8:15 PM my internet and cable service again failed.

After waking upon the 25th of May I saw that my service came back again only to fail again at about 8:00 PM that evening. I called Xfinity Tech support but after being on the phone with her for approximately one hour, we were not able to restore my service. She told me that the next appointment for a tech to come to my home would be on the 26th of May between the hours of 8:00 and 10:00 AM which we scheduled. Well, we waited all day long for their arrival but no Xfinity tech ever arrived at my home. My service eventually came back on but still have a problem with the picture on all cable channels. No one has called to see if my problem was taken care of or any type of followup at all. I really enjoy what Comcast has to over but not pleased with their service. I really don’t want to go to another cable or satellite service but after what I have gone thru it is quickly changing my mind.

Now, I am not the type to ever complain about anything but I truly believe that if I am paying money for service, service is what I should get in return. Maybe this complaint won’t go anywhere or if anybody would even care but if the Tech is asking how old my equipment is don’t you think that maybe it would be time to replace it? I want to thank for your time and would really appreciate any response regarding this matter.”

-Domingo S. 
Madera, CA


"Service Suddenly Really Bad"

“We had no issues with cable/internet. Till we ported our phones to you, now we can’t even watch tv at 5:30 in the am due to pixeling and buffering . Feel like I’m being. Punished for being you MORE service and asking for unlimited data I should have stayed with the company I WORK for! Never once had this issue before????? I’m going to be working from home and I cannot have this happening. What do I do????”

– Deb B. 

"Will Be Looking for a Different Cable Company"

“I have comcast for several years and I have watched Fox Business on CH 106, but today when I went to CH 106 it said that I had to upgrade to HD. Called comcast and your stupid computer answering and about 10 minutes I was able to talk to someone who just told me that it was Fox Business that want HD service only. This I do not believe, so I will be looking for a different cable company.”

– John C. 

"I Decided to Cancel My Contract"

“On May 26/2022, I noted that I could not access to Netflix nor Amazon in my TV set.
I called Comcast for assistance, and they told me that my Modem was very old, and I should change in the nearest store.
I went to the store, and I changed my Modem.
When I connected the new modem, I tried to connect internet again and it was impossible to do it. I could not access to my account and, I could not introduce my password
On May 26, I called Comcast again for help. I asked them to send me a technician to check my installation because I could not connect to internet. I had internet in my cellphone and laptop except in my TV.
The Comcast’s representative -in Spanish- refused to do it. He insisted it was not a Comcast’s problem.
He said I have to called LG TV instead Comcast.
I told him it wasn’t true because it wasn’t a problem with just one TV, but with the two that I have.
I asked to speak with a manager. The manager did not try to help me either and he also refused to send the technician home. He repeated that it was not Comcast’s problem and that he was not going to send a technician to my house.
It was very disgusting.
These two Comcasts representatives that I believe were speaking from Mexico were very unpleasant and unwilling to help.
I decided to cancel my contract with Comcast.
I unplugged all the devices and took them directly to the Comcast store where they gave me the new modem. I explained them what had happened and my desire to cancel my contract. Immediately the girl made the request and the technician from Comcast came to my house to check my connection. (May 27/2022)
The Comcast’s technician came yesterday, Roydave Vigille.
Immediately he noted that I had a severe problem with my connections. He realized that my internet connection was not working correctly.
He was helpful and willing to solve my connection problem. He checked everything. He fixed and changed my cables. He changed my boxes and control remotes. He restored my internet. He verified that it was not a problem with my television, but with the Comcast connection.
He really was very efficient.
Just as I want to highlight Roydave Vigille’s work and at the same time, I want to point the bad and poor work of the two Mexican representatives (manager) who never tried to help and were very ineffective on May 26/2022.”

– Guillermo M.

"Xfinity Mobile Rebate"

“I received an email from Xfinity stating that they were offering a $300 visa prepaid card if you preorder an Apple iPhone 13 by October 21, 2021.
Existing customers who are upgrading their device but not adding a line to their plan will also be eligible to receive a $300 Visa prepaid card. I was upgrading my device.
I preordered my iPhone 13 Pro Max on September 18, 2021, way ahead of the deadline and received my iPhone on November 5, 2021.
We went into the Xfinity store to order the phone in person, and I asked the salesperson to confirm that I was eligible for the $300 incentive prepaid visa card because that would be the deciding factor on my decision of what phone to order. Because with getting the $300 rebate to put back down on my phone, I would be able to get the better iPhone for the same amount as the earlier models. The salesperson said yes you will get the $300 visa card if you have auto pay and after the 4th payment you will receive your visa card. Well, I never received my Visa card, so I called the rebate center and they said that there was nothing on file for me to receive the visa card. They told me to go in person to the Xfinity store where I bought the phone. So, we did. We got no help whatsoever. I spoke with the salesperson, and she said they do not even see anything that relates to the $300 Visa card for a preorder. I argued with her stating that was the only reason I bought the more expensive phone and that two people there in the store told me that I would get the Visa Card. She was like oh well, and I said we are talking about $300 that I planned on putting back down on the phone. I said so you are saying that I am out $300, she like sorry. She did not even care to listen what I had to say. She said call the rebate center and I said I did, they told me to come into the Xfinity store where I bought the iPhone. I said I want to talk to the manager, he was useless. He asked me for the email that I received back in 2021, and I told him that I did not have it, he said sorry without that I email I cannot help you. I wasn’t giving up so he said he looked in the computer and could not find anything for that incentive. And then he said that the salesperson that wrote up my order never put it on the receipt. He pretty much told me the same thing “your out of luck”! I kept pressing that I was not going to have this and if it was his store’s fault that they did not do their job in stating it on the invoice, I should not have to bear the brunt. He was getting inpatient, I am the customer, but he did not care. He was like hurry up you’re wasting my time. To get us out of the store, he said that he would check with his sales team and get back to me the next day. It has been over three weeks and he never even called me. I searched online and found articles regarding Xfinity offer of the $300 Visa card with your preorder. I called the complaint line and I got Alex who was very patient, took her time to listen to my complaint, wrote down everything and thoroughly searched the offers and told me that she agreed that I would be eligible for the Visa Card, but it would have to go to the incentive department for review and approval. She submitted the promotion and all the notes she took in talking with me and escalated it to the rebate department, ticket #053939867 and said that it may take a few weeks but that she would follow up with me. This was on a Thursday morning, by that Monday I got a call from Latoya from the incentive department and said that I will be receiving my Incentive $300 Visa Card within three weeks. And yes, Alex did follow up with me. I appreciate her, she put forth ever effort to resolve this issue. I have been a long-time customer of Comcast and very disappointed in this Xfinity Store. I will think twice about doing business with this store in the future. I am even thinking of switching carriers from current Xfinity Mobile service.”

– Robert B. 

"Being Lied to from Different Departments"

“Increase in billing over the last 4 months with no explanation I call comcast about this , they work me out a “new plan” and now nobody knows anything about it ..Today I have been holding on for 3 hours for a manager …all I get is Phillopene employees 10 hours total I have been on the phone with NO RESPONCE !!!!”

– Michael D.


“Why do i have to wait a week to get my box replaced?”

– Ernie W. 

"Trucks Parked"

“Comcast trucks parked on residential/ court for days. Why are commercial trucks parked in our court when we have limited parking….truck #09361. They can park it in their driveway.”

– P. Renteria

"Restore Cable Box"

“Cable box from the outside wall has disconnected. rain and ice pull the line down the ground. Since wed 23rd I have been calling talking to a different rep. Was promised to have someone will be out. Today is the 28 . Still no one!!!!!!”

– K. Mitchell

"Internet In and Out"

“Always internet is going on and out constantly and i only have internets service yet my account is at 1,000.00. they somehow changed my low internet service and have been dishonest about overcharging and fixing the problem. i have post covid syndrome and work from home. it’s not right.”

– Magaly H.

"Avoid at All Costs"

“Horrendous horrendous.
Three techs in one week. Made 27 phone calls asking for help. Half of the agents are terrible. Waited five hours for techs. They Leave after installation and service returns terrible. Third tech in just week of service and technician doesn’t show up. Avoid at all costs. Please.”

– Felix E. – Source TrustPilot


“I qualified for a LIFELINE discount. I called XFINITY and was told that I would receive the discount on my Feb. 1 statement. I did not receive the discount. I went into an XFINITY store and was told that I would receive the discount on the next billing? I received an email with the Feb. 28 billing and the discount has still not been posted on my account? I am being cheated of $60 of discounts!!”

– C. Johnson


“Have not helped with any of our present issues. We have been paying Comcast for 25 years and now switches to languages we don’t understand.Paying customer for 25 years? Put all of our movies in different languages??? Why?”

– Mike K. 

"Phone System is Insane"

“I need two boxes upgraded, I can’t sign in to Hulu or Disney plus have tried over and over and want them canceled and taken off my bill. Your technical support service is enough to try the patience of a saint it’s stupid, doesn’t work the automated system takes you in circles and doesn’t work – not even close, the whole experience sucks.”

– Jeff P.

"Would Not Take Cash Payment"

“I went to Comcast to pay my cell phone and they sent me to a machine to pay my bill. It would not take my cash! Because I have step up a bank account debt card. My debt was all screwed up by bank. So I ask them if they could help me with this and they acting like they did not care to help or more like they did know anything! So I ask what’s going to happen then they said phone was going to get canceled. They did not even care! Very very BAD HELP!!! This is my 2nd month with you guys for cell phone. I love it but I am truly thinkibg going somewhere else. I will never go to your Silverdale Office ever! And to tell my friends and family to switch to Comcast very unlikely!”

– Tina M.

"Lack of Communication"

“After disconnecting service recently, my credit card was billed again for the same service period that I had already prepaid. I attempted to contact Comcast regarding the billing error, and after wasting a lot of time calling their automated system (it refused to connect me to a live agent), I tried the chat line through my online account. I was able to connect to someone there, but they never replied with an email confirmation of the agreed action, as they promised. I finished by completing the online survey expressing my dissatisfaction. I received a call yesterday from a Comcast “Experience Team Member” requesting I return her call to discuss my survey input. I returned the call to the phone number she left, only to be answered by a Spanish-speaking person who said I called on Comcast’s Spanish-speaking line. Pour salt into my wound please. So much for their customer service — its’ beyond awful and most frustrating. Only wish there were competing service providers.”

– Jay P.


“OCTOBER 4TH, 2021






– Carlos P.

"Cancelled Appointment and Lied"

“I have been a customer of Comcast since its’ inception. I had scheduled in advance my move installation for 7:30 AM on Sep 12, 2021. I received a text at 7:50 AM and the text said the Comcast technican had arrived. I opened the garage door, no Comcast truck or any other veh icle outside my house. At 7:51 AM, I received phone message from Comcast stating to reschedule my appointment. When I finally reached a live customer service agent, I was told that I was not home. I had been home waiting for Comcast. No knock, technican was never at my house. All day long, Comcast customer service agents told me that the tech will be there in 30 minutes. I waited all day long. Finally, at 7:00 Pm, I learned my scheduled appointment had been canceled at 6:00 AM by the Comcast supervisor. Too many scheduled appointments for this day. Comcast employees lied to me all day long. I canceled my Comcast services. I am done with lying employees of Comcast. I am a senior citizen and Comcast took advantage of me all day long.”

– Jan W.

"Bill Change Without Knowledge"

“I called in today to review my account regarding the best services for the plan I’m currently on, to discover, that originally I was placed on a bundle plan that included internet services along with a landline. I was informed today that my plan changed in October where they are now charging me for the land line. I explained to the representative, why would I request a change to my plan to where I am now paying for a landline which the only reason I agreed to the plan was because it was a better deal to have the plan that included the service and was told that the service without the land line was more. l’ve been on hold for 40 minutes to try to resolve my concern and am still waiting.”

-Barbara B.

"No Follow Up"

“I had bad service a few days back. A lady called to find out why I submitted a poor rating on the last time I called in. She advise me she didn’t really handle those complaints she just was there to find out the problems and move it up to others. She also told me someone would call me back to work on it, never got a follow up but that is normal for comcast. I still have a work order outstanding since early 2020. As a customer you learn to live with it. No real follow up.”

– Ron B.

"Two Denied Subscriptions"

“September 13, I spoke to 2 Comcast people (Stephanie and Alwayne) to subscribe to the French Channel which I used to have (cancelled 3 years ago). Both times, I was told that it couldn’t be done, without any logical explanation. I’d like to know what exactly has happened since 3 years ago that the French Channel no longer exists.”

– Joan Q.

"Censorship of Tucker Carlson"

“Comcast is now censoring Tucker Carlson. It is blocked on our service. No other Fox News show or other news program is blocked, just Tucker. This is blatant censorship.”

– John C.

"Trucks Messed Up My Yard"

“Today, Your cable team was moving line to new power pole and drove through my yard and rutted it up. I need these ruts filled in to not tear me or my mower up.”

– Jonathan S.

"Billing For Old Equipment"

“Comcast must actually train their customer service representatives to do a freaking terrible job. I decided dropped cable moved residences and went to Internet only. I was told they did not need to return the equipment. And now I get a bill for $320. Seriously that’s just a straight up scam. Relying on people to not complain about this scam.”

– Kevin N.


“Literally HORRIBLE everything from the service to the customer service. Charging 130. To cancel service that was not the same 6 months ago! TRUST I would have canceled in the window had it been as bad as it is! The customer service people and “management” over them is atrocious in every way!!! DO NOT GET THIS SERVICE!!!! you will regret being Stuck with crap service”

– Stacie S.

Source – Trustpilot

"Inability to Use Phone"

“I have complained about no reception at my house for months. Told on Friday a SIM card will be sent out. Saturday, Sunday, Monday getting dropped calls, bad reception. Call Monday, they send they SIM Card and start phone setup. I cannot make calls, receive calls, texts or voicemail until I received SIM card on Wednesday. That is three days my phone is out of commission. Unacceptable. I think a booster is the best solution, not a SIM card. I have replaced this SIM card more than once since obtaining COMCAST/Xfinity.”

– Theresa P

"This Company is the Biggest Joke"

“Comcast is the worst company there is. They will charge you for every little thing and say that the charge is correct and that they can’t apply any credits to the account. I have been disputing a charge of $336 for a change of service that was NOT made by me and they all of the sudden do not have the call that was made with the representative even though they “record” all their calls. This company is the biggest joke on this planet and I will definitely be going to the BBB.” 


Source – Trustpilot

"I Feel a Little Taken Advantage of"

“In regards to Account number: 8299610********. My intention was to transfer my service to my home I purchased. I moved into the apartment short-term while we closed on our house in the same town as the apartment. Unfortunately, I have come to find out that Xfinity does not service that area. They service 95% of the town with that specific area they don’t service in a small area of zip code 22401. I feel it’s unfair when my intention was to transfer the service and now I am going to be charge an early termination fee when the objective was to transfer the service. I feel a little taken advantage of in this instance. Even though it’s $230 it’s still the principal of the situation that needs to be addressed.” – Neil H.

"They are the WORST"

“The worst customer experience and the worst service I have ever encountered. My top end internet package goes down at least once a day. Comcast wants ME to pay 100 bucks for a technician to come and fix it. Today I was assured that ‘if the problem persists’ they will send a technician. Apparently two months of dropping service at least once a day doesn’t match their definition of persistent. They are THE WORST. If you have another option, take it.” – Lee H.

Source – Trustpilot

"I Warned You"

“Thiefs just stealing money haven’t been lied to so bad their business is so bad soon they all going to be broke when they go outta business cause no one is asking for their internet such a joke charging me when I don’t even use any of their products anymore I know all these people agree. And soon will the whole planet. They mad broke themselves if they gotta keep takin my money damn. Can’t even trust the wifi haha . So bad I was going to ask them if I could pay 5$ for a bundle. Basically just don’t use their products and If you do I warned you.” – Joe 

Source- Trustpilot

"Comcast Has Become Very Arrogant"

“I’ve been a loyal internet customer of Comcast for 11 years and found out it was all for nothing. I needed their help with clearing a glitch and was denied numerous times. I enrolled into Comcast mobile because of sprint’s overcharges and ordered new iPhone to replace my iPhone 10. I received box containing new iPhone SE and was denied to return phone. I called ATT to the rescue and accepted me with open arms and lower rates. Please be smart check other providers. Comcast has become very arrogant.” – Jesus O.

Source- Trustpilot

"Absolutely the Worst"

“Xfinity Comcast whatever hey want to call themselves at this time are absolutely the worst. Every time I call no one seems to understand why I’m calling in so upset but I call with the same issue. If I don’t pay my bill you’ll cut my service off and send me to collections. But what happens to your customer service team who are feeding these lies to your consumers. The packages are a joke and cost waaaaaay to much. Ready to be done with the worthless billion dollar corporation.”

-Latoya C.

-Source: Trustpilot


“DO NOT believe Xfinity B.S.
They are so slow streaming video that I get more of their 3 dots oscillating than time seeing a picture. Download/Upload speed never go over 12 mbs. If there was a wax string and 2 cans to the Net I would use that instead of Xfininity internet. JUNK! Liars.”


Source: Trustpilot

"The Worst Customer Service"

“Comcast has literally THE WORST customer service of any service provider across any industry. I would rather spend the day at the DMV then deal with Comcast customer service. We have their internet ONLY because they are the fastest in my area but by god the second I have a different option I am done. I was on a call for 45 min to update the name on my account and they couldn’t even do it. Their automated system at the beginning is an absolute joke and not helpful. Once you get to a rep it is clear that they are not trained and don’t have the tools to do their job effectively.” -Christa L.

Source: Trustpilot

"Ruined My Credit"

“Xfinity Comcast ruined my credit!!! After the Seattle riots the drug people and homeless people were pushed into my neighborhood north of Seattle. I had to move 2x because of a gang related shooting. I closed my account but Xfinity kept triple charging my account. I’ve been turning them in to the FCC. It’s BS! I only owe them $100. They still try to say I owe triple that amount and refused to refund my returned equipment! Then insult to injury loyalty dept guy said I was racist!!!! Assh-le!!!” – Linda L.

Source: Trustpilot

"Worst Internet Company Ever"

“The worst internet company ever. I would give 0 stars if I could. Terrible customer service and useless technicians. They just keep trying to sell you higher cost service which doesn’t help with internet speed. Absolutely horrible.” – Lori W.

Source: Trustpilot

"How are They Still in Business"

“WORST COMPANY EVER. I will never do business with Comcast ever again. I don’t understand how they are still in business.” – Veronica V.

Source: Trustpilot

"Very Frustrating"

“I ordered equipment being I was moving weeks in advance and never got the new boxes or modem that were supposedly shipped. Customer service is not helpful and now I have to drive an hour and a half to pick up boxes and a modem so I’m able to work on Monday. Very frustrating!!!” – Kristin C.

Source: Trustpilot

"Internet Drops Constantly"

“Comcast sucks problems all the time. Internet drops constantly. The bill constantly changes always goes up! Customer service is terrible they can never fix problems for more than one day. They sent out a technician and he said he couldn’t find any problems. It’s just always a on going problems. Do yourself a favor and pick a different provider comcast is terrible!!” – John M.

Source: Trustpilot

"Xfinity Sucks"

“xfinity sucks, customer service is the worst.
Last month talked to one person and they said they would take care of it. This month talked to someone else and he can’t help me. Expensive and hard to deal with when there is a problem.” – Melissa W.

Source- Trustpilot

"A Terrible Company"

“I’ve been a customer for 20 years, customer service has always been the worst, the internet is the best if your working at home, but looking into other options , I’ve chatted with several rep’s, I have pictures of our chats and they promised these great plans but got told a manager sorry you were given the wrong info, not going to give me the deal I was promised even after me saying I’m going to cancel after 20 years, they really are a terrible company , researching different ones.”        – Diana W.

Source: Trustpilot

"The Worst Company"

“Hands down the worst company I have ever interacted with. There is not enough space in this box for me to begin to detail the problems that I’ve had with their internet service or customer service. Avoid at all costs.” – Ross C.

Source: Trustpilot


“I want a REAL PERSON, i should not need to jump through hoops through a robot and never get through!!! After 30 minutes of waiting and deciding for a call back…. NO ONE CALLS BACK or I receive someone from the Philippines.” – Tonia L. 

Source: Trsutpilot

"They Should Be Fined"

“Comcast does not care about anything! They mess over the customers an old customers on a regular basis! They sent me to collections for a bill I did not owe ! I call them they said sorry and said they took care of two months later they send me to collections again for the same bill that’s not mine! Then they said sorry ! Three weeks later they sent me to a new collections. They just enjoy ruining my credit for Bill I don’t owe ! We need better consumer rights. Companies like they should be fined and have to pay for pain and suffering they cause.” -דוד פול דיקסון

Source- Trustpilot

"Absolute Disgrace"

“This company is an absolute disgrace Shouldn’t even be in business poor customer service absolutely no communication have made 4 calls to have service install been blown off with no shows and passing the buck to the next person incompetent customer service reps rude and unprofessional this company should be put out of business.” – Y.S.

Source: Trustpilot

"I Will Not Recommend"

“I had new construction done for Comcast over month. Its almost over 120days to get services. I have come across false promises for start date. The construction dept Kevin tells you that he will have response in 48-72hours. nothing happens and you call them again and same red tape again. I m extremely disappointed with the way handle things. I will not recommend anyone to them.” – Norman D.

Source: Trustpilot


“I only wish there were choices. I will never figure out why there is a monopoly on internet/cable companies. I pay $200 a month and lose my internet connection at least 5x a day and I have to work from home. Customer service speaks broken English so you can’t understand a word they are saying on top of they are also working from home and the static is horrible. I had to cancel my appointment but was unable to reschedule it because she couldn’t find my account. HORRIBLE” – Linda E. 

Source: Trustpilot

"Horrible Company"

“Horrible company signed up for mobile and I want to change the autopay date. I’ve been able to change the date for aep power , Verizon, progressive, and every other bill have but somehow Comcast is just too special” – Nick V.

Source- Trustpilot

"They Overcharge You"

“they over charge you dont get the service you want they xharge you a month before service and they be turned in to FCC AND BBB THEY SAD AND UNAMERICAN AND SIMPLY JUST PATHETIC COMPANY” – Betty S.

Source- Trustpilot

"Horrible Company"

“STOP if you sign up for comcast. Horrible company, impossible to get agent, they sign you up for a contract you had no knowledge of, bad service, basic has only old programs, internet is inconsistent, rates are exhorbitant for good service, but you get lousy service, agents can be nice, but it means nothing as nothing gets done. Save your money and patience. Get Netflix. I wished I had read the reviews before I fell for their lies. Research other companies, comcast has to be the worst company ever to do business. How they continue is a mystery. They should have been canceled years ago.” – ALice S.

Source: Trustpilot

"Corrupt Company Culture"

“If any possible way to avoid Comcast then one should. Their customer service people are trained to lie, mislead, and misrepresent the service and total cost of their products. Their tactics are corrupt and that is driven by a corrupt company culture and organization.” – Joe R.


"No Empathy"

“The absolute worst company to deal with as its problem center is located oversees and you are dealing with people that are poorly reading off a script. No empathy just a bunch of psychobabble. If I didn’t receive this for free from my community then I would go to att and or stream.” – Mark K.

Source- Trustpilot

"Forget Comcast"

“Comcast service in Key West is pathetic. On for an hour, then off. On for half a day, then off for a few hours. You go through the BOT 10 times troubleshooting and then type “customer service” over and over until they allow a chat session. Then guess what, same steps. Totally tone deaf. You ask if there are “area service problems” and get a no, its just you. The last thing I want to do at the end of a long day is #$%^ with my home internet/TV service. Well – forget Comcast.” – Jeff H.

Source- Trustpilot

"This Company is the Worse"

“Had to get a new box, set it up, made sure everything was tighten down. LOTS of flashing on our tv (never did this before) and not all channels work that we are supposed to get. I was on the phone for 45 minutes first time and 30 minutes next time only to be told they will have to send someone out and we will get charged. This company is the worse.” -Mary S.

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"Never ever Sign Up for Contract"

“NEVER EVER sign up for a contract with this company. They tell you your service can move with you if you move. Don’t believe it and when they say they can’t service your new home they charge you an early termination fee of nearly $200.00. There is no remedy for them failing to move your service and you question the fee. They just say, that is their policy. It is total crap. I will never sign up with this company again!”            – Mary R.

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"Lousy Company"

“We have called three times because one tech who came to the house wanted to pass the buck and said he would line up someone to fix the connection outside. After three calls, we still have not had anyone contact us even though they were supposedly set up. Both the internet connection and the tv hardly ever work. I’m fed up with them. They just expect to be paid and don’t provide any customer service! Lousy company!!!” – S.K. 

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After having to pay a $200 cancellation fee to end my services, since I need to move from my current residence due to COVID hardships, my service did not even last for the month I HAD ALREADY PAID FOR! I verified THREE TIMES WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE that it would last fully through the end of my term I paid for and it didn’t. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE WILL NEVER USE AGAIN, USE ANYONE BUT XFINITY/COMCAST!!!!” – Erica

Source: Trustpilot